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INDOFIL Selected as 100 Most Valuable Brands 2015-16


Indofil Industries Limited is the proud recipient of the prestigious WCRC Award in the category of "100 Most Valuable Brands of the year 2015-16".
World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) is Asia's leading multidimensional Consulting and Media Company. It has a world class reputation in the field of "Brand Research" and "Rating & Ranking", and is known for establishing some of the best Brand IP's in Asia. WCRC as a group provides solutions in the areas of Advertising & Marketing Services, Image Consulting, Media & Entertainment and more recently environmental Engineering & Technology.

The various platforms created for the brands are "Asia's Most Promising Brand", "Asia's Best & Fastest Growing", "Most Recommended Brands", "Most Admired Brands", "Seal of Gold", "Most Valuable Brands", and "India's Most Promising Brands".

The selection process undertaken for these awards is an in-depth, comprehensive and rigorous one.

Research Strategy: India's Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2015-16, recognizes brands which have made an impact on the Indian market by virtue of their credibility and enormous customer following. The brand itself being so strong that it transcends business equations, where the impact of the brand is far beyond the aspect relating only to actual sales.

Phase 1: In this phase a list categories is generated, approximately of 500 brands across the categories which were developed through secondary research driven by ibrands 360 research team via Market Studies, Industry White Paper, Category-specific brand reports and Brand specific scrutiny.

Phase 2: The initial listing in Phase 1 of India's Most Valuable Brands 2016 is examined and scrutinized through a comprehensive research process which was conducted Pan-India through in-depth interviews of the target audience of the specific industry.

Final Phase and Listing of the 100 Cult Brands: The final phase comprises of the analysis of Phase 1, Phase 2 and a questionnaire duly filled in and sent by the nominated brands, which are evaluated by ibrands 360. The final 100 brands are thus prepared.

The Power Facts of OUR Brand:

  1. World’s one of the largest quality Mancozeb producer.
  2. Strong domestic brand and distribution
  3. Strong R&D with GLP certified Analytical Lab and Registration Team
  4. Excellence in Concept development through Innovative marketing organization
  5. Focused approach on crop care concept and productivity improvement. 

An extract from the message of Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh - Editor-in Chief which quotes:

"They say Rome was not built in a day. So weren't these big brands. They have a history of struggle and it took decades of perseverance in carving out a niche in the minds of the consumer. Winning the consumer's trust is not easy. And once you have won it you are constantly faced with the challenge of living up to their expectations. For decades, many of these brands have been an indispensable part of our lives. These brands have withstood the test of time."

Congratulations to TEAM INDOFIL for this Great Achievement!