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Indofil Industries Limited


Indofil Industries Ltd.

Indofil Industries Limited is a research led, fully integrated chemical company which has been serving the farming community since five decades through innovative research & technology and  quality manufacturing. It is one of the fastest growing companies in agrochemicals with global presence in more than 100 countries.

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“By Employing Science in the Service of Nature”.
Indofil has started a new initiative called 'IndoLife Super SPECIALITIES' with an objective to help the farmers increase their return on investment by providing innovative solutions and addressing various issues at different stages of crop growth.

We believe that every crop has a ‘yield potential’ based on its genetic makeup and our technology will enable it to maximise its true genetic potential.

IndoLife Super SPECIALITIES, as can be inferred from the name is a separate SBU launched by Indofil to cater to the ‘Plant Nutrition’ segment.

Leading Technology

IndoLife endeavours to introduce new generation technologies like iNET & Metalosate, for soil and plant health management.


iNET Technology:

iNET or IndoLife Nutrient Enabler Technology has been researched and developed by our in-house ‘Plant Nutrition Experts’ at our R&D facility. iNET is a scientific formulation developed through unique microbial metabolic processes that enables nutrient availability at the right stage & its assimilation at optimum speed.


Metalosate Technology:

Metalosate is a patented technology from USA which delivers mineral nutrients where the plants need it the most, faster and more efficiently.

These technologies combine innovation, sustainability and respect for environment.


All our products are made with raw material of excellent quality that guarantees maximum results and solution to wide nutrition problems. We also comply to quality standards for highest quality. Our products are helping farmers grow more yield with less environmental impact.

Brand Mascot

A butterfly is a deep and powerful representation of life. It symbolizes resurrection. It represents endurance, change, hope and life. This is what IndoLife Super SPECIALITIES also brings to the farming community with its product line. Our plant nutrition products provide nourishment to crops that enhance their inherent strength. And our plant protection products provide the defense mechanism to crops against diseases.

IndoLife People

Our people are our greatest assets. People associated with IndoLife have a passion for challenge and achievement. Our business associates are an integral part of value chain. We seek business associates to have good entrepreneurial skills, strong customer relations and a clear focus on developing long term relationship with customers. We encourage, empower and support business associates to provide superior customer satisfaction through quality products and promotional support.