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Research & Development

More than four decades, our R&D is working towards innovation, progress for sustainable future.

We are one among very few research laboratories having crop care and specialty science under the same umbrella. Indofil’s R&D department has grown to become a force to reckon with, contributing significantly to the company’s growth through new products, technologies & Intellectual property. The R&D works closely with the marketing group and ensures customer success. Research collaborations with external partners from academia and industry form an integral part of our innovation strategy.

Our Research and Development teams constantly strive to innovate products that maintain highest quality standards. The R&D has a highly motivated team of more than 60 qualified and dedicated scientists. The knowledge and passion of them is a tremendous asset, and we recognize the value in personal development for all our employees in an innovation leadership.

The R&D has been accorded the recognition by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research( DSIR), a nodal agency of the Government of India, overseeing the standard of R&D establishments in India. R&D is also included in the scope of ISO 9001 QMS certification as well as ISO 14001 EMS. The Analytical Development Laboratory, a part of the R&D, has been accredited by NABL under ISO / IEC 17025:2005 and certified for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) by National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority of India ( NGCMA ).


Organic Synthesis

Indofil’s R&D Team has a strong tradition of Organic Synthesis Expertise as applied to Process Development of crop protection and specialty chemicals. Specializations includes:

  • Dithiocarbamate Chemistry:
    Indofil has expertise in all facets of this rather difficult chemistry from process development to manufacture that requires a stringent safety regime and an ability to handle hazardous chemicals such as carbon disulphide. Our team is constantly working with production team to achieve and maintain the best quality of products.
  • Triazole Chemistry:
    Indofil has successfully developed and commercialized manufacturing process for Triazole fungicides and is in the process of extending this technology.
  • Substituted Urea Chemistry:
    Indofil has successfully developed and commercialized manufacturing process for Insecticides & fungicides based on Substituted Urea Chemistry.
  • Chiral Chemistry:
    In line with the growing demand for Chiral products in agrochemical industry, Indofil has successfully developed processes for manufacturing of chiral fungicides through indigenous technology to achieve high efficacy with low dosage
  • Strobulurin Chemistry:
    Indofil has recently entered into field of Strobulurins & has successfully developed fungicides based on Strobulurin chemistry to strengthen it’s diverse fungicide portfolio
  • Process R&D:
    An ingenious team of scientists and technologists in Synthesis has developed process using a bouquet of Organic Reaction Processes such as Condensations, Cyclization, Nitrosation, Esterification, Chlorination, Bromination, Amidation, Etherification etc.

Formulation Sciences

Development of novel formulation for the crop-protection agents is an important core competency of our R&D. Focus of formulation scientists is to create farmer friendly new and patentable combination mixtures which enhance the synergistic effects of crop protection actives and also different target pests. The idea is to have maximum effect on pests with minimum sprays. Slow release formulations having multiple actives help in attacking different pests at different stages of crop growth. Apart from the traditional formulation technologies such as wettable powder (WP), suspension concentrate (SC) and emulsifiable concentrate (EC), Indofil has successfully developed newer formulations involving the following technologies:

  • Flowables (Oil Based Formulations)
  • Water dispersible Granules based on spray drying , fluid bed and extrusion technology
  • Micro Emulsion (Micro encapsulation)
  • Suspoemulsion Flowables for Seed treatment

Indofil Innovative Solutions

This division is working with the intent/Objective to provide solution to their consumers with innovative products and application guidelines.

The team comprises scientists having wide expertise and experience in the field of Leather , Textile, Plastic & Coating with a resolve in developing products based on environment friendly and green chemistry projects.

New product development is focused as per the requirement/s of customer , their application needs and the performance expectations.

Group core strength lies with Acrylate chemistry nevertheless range of other chemistry namely Styrene Acrylate Vinyl Ester Esterification / Bisulfitation, Paraffinic & Formulations are equally established adhering to GOTS / REACH/GREEN SEAL requirement. Group is supported ably by team of application scientists and state of the art application laboratory.

Analytical Development

The R&D facility is well equipped with an excellent analytical development laboratory. Advanced instrumentation facilitates in shortening the product development cycle. The analytical development laboratory is accredited by NABL, and certified for GLP by NGCMA.

The analytical development group has diversified competencies in :

  • Classical and Instrumental methods of analysis
  • Structural elucidation of compound by hyphenated techniques such as GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS. Pyrolyzer-GC-MS/MS, FTIR, Head Space-GCMS etc.
  • Method development and validation as per the international guidelines
  • Impurity profiling and quantification
  • Five batch analysis under GLP
  • Physical-chemical testing as per OECD guidelines.
  • Accelerated and shelf life of technicals and formulations.

IPR Cell

We have a comprehensive IPR policy which is essential for today’s knowledge based economy. Our IPR cell is vigilant for our IP protection and IP infringement. Indofil has 20 national and international patents.

Plant Nutrition

Indofil has initiated research in the field of plant nutrition with an objective to provide ecofriendly and innovative solutions to the farming community in the field of crop nutrition and crop health to improve yield and quality of produce. Laboratory is well equipped with a team of talented plant nutrition experts.

Plant nutrition laboratory engaged in development of technologies and formulations in the area of :

  • Biostimulants
  • Biopesticides
  • Biofertilizer and
  • Speciality fertilizer

Indofil Plant nutrition laboratory has developed in house iNET technology (IndoLife Nutrient Enabler Technology) , the technology has been researched & developed by plant nutrient experts having vast experience in the field to maximize true genetic potential of crops.


The infrastructure comprises of :

Synthesis Laboratory

Synthesis Laboratory

Well equipped synthesis laboratory capable of developing process from gram scale to kilogram scale and further transferring the technology to manufacturing scale.

Formulation Laboratory

Formulation Laboratory

The formulation laboratory has sophisticated equipment’s for developing newer formulations: Wet grinding mill, High Speed Homogeniser, Fluid Energy Mill Double Cone Blender, Spry Drier, Fluidised Bed Drier, Extruder and so on.

Analytical Development Laboratory

Analytical Development Laboratory

The R&D has a state – of – the art Analytical Development Laboratory(ADL) with advanced instrumentation facilities like GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, HPLCs, GCs, FTIR, Head Space- GC, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Particle size analyzer, Digital melting point, Auto-titrator, Frontier pyrolyzer-GC-MS/MS, Brookfield viscometer, Digital bulk density apparatus, Surface tensiometer etc.. Besides, Indofil has access to practically all sophisticated methods of analysis through outsourcing. The ADL has a dedicated QMS laboratory for GLP and NABL related activities and a separate development laboratory for new method development for all ongoing R&D projects. The total area under ADL is about 3000 sq. ft. The ADL boasts of the best aggregated experienced staff with Ph.Ds and other post graduates in multiple disciplines of analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry.

Innovative Solutions R&D Laboratory

Innovative Solutions R&D Laboratory

The Innovative Solutions laboratory is well equipped to carry out synthesis and formulations of polymeric products for Textile, Coatings, Leather and Plastics industries. The Scientists have expertise in Styrene-acrylate chemistry, solution polymerization, VAM-VEOVA products, Re-dispersible polymers, binders for textile processing, materials for technical textiles, fat liquors for leather processing, additives and processing aids for plastics.

The Innovative Solutions R&D is well connected and supported by respective dedicated Application Testing Laboratories for testing the products before verification at customer end for customizing at their end.

The Pilot plant is equipped with

  • 100 ltr multipurpose reactor with addition vessels, PLC system and high Vacuum distillation capability.
  • 100 ltr SS Reactor for speciality chemicals with auto control system .
  • 500 lit SS Pressure reactor with semi DCS system ( with safety interlocks )
  • 1000 lit SS Reactor with addition vessels
  • 250 lit MSGL Reactor with addition vessels
  • 1000 lit MSGL Reactor with addition vessels
  • Kilo Lab – SPDU ( Short Path Distillation Unit )
  • Kilo Lab – High Pressure Autoclave

And the downstream equipments like precipitation tank, Tray drier, Halar Coated Centrifuge, Nutsche filter, Separators etc.

Pilot plant has partial PLC/ DCS system for more preciseness, data collection, historical trends and safe control systems with interlocks .

Pilot Plant