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Indofil Industries Limited
Kalpataru Square - 4th floor, Kondivita Road,
Off Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East) , Mumbai 400059 ,
Maharashtra , India.
  •   +91-22-66637373 / 66637555
  •   +91-22-28322275
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Acrylic Binders and Compacts Acrylic Syntans Fatliquors Powder Syntans Beamhouse PU Binders & Fin Aux Top Coats Emulsion / Binder Dispersing Agent Thickener Redispersible Powder Processing Aid Impact Modifier Stabilizers Synergistic Modifier Lubricants Thermoplastic Powder CPE Heat Stabilizer Foaming Agent Pigment Printing Binder Khadi Printing Binder Special Effect Chemicals Flock Printing Binder Formaldehyde Free Fixers Melamine Fixing Agent Synthetic Thickener Acrylic Emulsions Dispersants Special Formulation PU Dispersions Water Repellents Flame Retardants

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