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Off Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East) , Mumbai 400059 ,
Maharashtra , India.
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Specialty Performance Chemicals for Coatings Industry

Salient features of Coating & Construction Chemical lab & Advantages for our customers

Indofil has well equipped R&D and application lab & team with customer care as focus.

A coating & construction chemical goes with the basic needs of Housing & Shelter. Application lab has vital role in evaluating these products for their performance. Such data is useful in developing the new products continuously. Further such information is shared with the customers/consumers for their understanding. This information/data is useful to the customer in many ways.

Below is the list of major equipments present in our lab:

  1. MFFT Tester: Useful for evaluating binders that form film at ambient temperature
  2. Stormer Viscometer: Measures low shear viscosity of the paints
  3. Wet Scrub Tester: Evaluating Paint performance under scrub
  4. Gloss Meter: Measurement of Sheen & Gloss of Paints
  5. Colour Chart & Spectrometer:  Measure color values of Paints
  6. High Speed Stirrer: For making Paint

Our team is equipped to test various types of raw materials & develop/design different type of paints. This basic data is useful for the customers to develop their own paints/ formulations as per their requirements.

Further our scientists & technicians work with the customers to fine-tune their formula and help in performance evaluation. In recent times, research team has successfully developed few customized products for its customers while working together.

In short application lab can make/develop decorative paint & coating/ construction formula and have the wherewithal to evaluate it.