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Indofil Industries Limited
Kalpataru Square - 4th floor, Kondivita Road,
Off Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East) , Mumbai 400059 ,
Maharashtra , India.
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Instruments in Application Lab Plastics in Thane

  1. Two Roll Mill : It is used for evaluating processing and stability of PVC compound.
  2. Compression Moulding : It is used for making test samples reflecting customers product performance.
  3. Dart Impact Tester : It is used for checking impact strength in the PVC pipes.
  4. Volume Resistivity Tester for W&C : To check leakage current for electrical application.
  5. Brabender Plasticoder : It gives gelation time, lubrication level, heat stability & processability of PVC/ cPVC compound.
  6. Vicat softening point Tester : It is used for getting the softening point of PVC compound.
  7. Izod & Charpy Tester : It gives impact strength for PVC products.
  8. Zulabo Viscosity Tester : It is used for getting viscosity data for developing new products (Intrensic viscosity).
  9. Congo Red Tester: It is used for getting stability data of PVC compound/ Samples.
  10. GCMS (ADL Lab) : Monomer analysis
  11. FTIR (ADL Lab)   : Functional group analysis
  12. Malvern (ADL Lab): Particle size analysis
  13. Microscope (ADL Lab): To understand particle shape of powder material
  14. GC (ADL Lab): To understand residual monomer.
  15. Brookfield Viscometer (ADL Lab): To measure viscosity of liquids.

Salient features of our lab & advantages for our customers

Indofil has well equipped R&D and application lab with state of the art facilities, team with good innovation consciousness, strong exploitation capability and rich professional and fundamental knowledge. Our R&D and technical team capabilities & strength with hands of experience of on-line operation efficiencies for various polymer processing techniques that helps key end users on domestic as well as international platform to develop customized and differentiated product range.

PVC is very versatile polymer and it can be used in rigid and flexible, transparent or opaque products such as PVC Window & Door Profiles, Pipes & Fittings, rigid and flexible calendar films & sheets, foam sheets, wood-plastic composites, films, Wire and cable etc. our Technical team has expertise in cPVC formulation and establishing product at customer end.

Our R&D and application lab facilitates helps in generating data based on customer’s formulation & machine conditions for analyzing raw material performance at our end so that it can perform as per the desired output and better efficiency at customer end.