• Brand Name:Bajao
  • Technical Name:(Acephate 50%+ Imidacloprid 1.8% SP)
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  • Special Features

    • Bajao is effective against both sucking and chewing pests.

    • Systemic & Contact/Stomach mode of chemistry gives dual action against pests

    • Broad spectrum activity and controls various pests

    • Bajao is most economical insecticide

  • Mode of Action

    Acephate is a systemic & contact insecticide. Being OP insecticide, Acephate is also Cholinesterase inhibitor. Imidacloprid disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to excitation of nerve cell and consequently a disorder of the nervous system leading finally to the death of the treated insect.

  • Compatibility

    It is compatible with most commonly used pesticides except alkaline compounds.

  • Phytotoxicity

    No phytotoxicity has been reported, when used as recommended.

  • Approved Label Claim

    Crop Pest Formulation gm/ha Dilution in Water (L)

    Aphid, Jassids, Thrips, White flies, Bollworms

    1000 500