• Brand Name:Mitex
  • Technical Name:Propargite 57% EC
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    Label   Leaflet

  • Special Features

    • It is very effective against nymph and adults.
    • It’s an excellent Nymphicide and Adulticide: controls all damaging stages of mites
    • New chemistry which is proven to be safe in use
    • Longer duration control which results in reduction in number of sprays in mite management program.
    • Safer MRL which gives advantage for export-oriented produce.
  • Mode of Action

    It acts by direct contact, residual contact and vapor action, Mitex acts as inhibitors of oxidative phosphorylation, via-disruption of ATP formulation (Inhibitors of ATP synthesis).

  • Available SKU

    100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.

  • Label Claim Recommendation

    Crop Disease Name Formulation ml/ha Water / ha (lts
    Tea Red spider mite, Pink Mite, Purple mite, Scarlet Mite 750-1250 400