• Brand Name:Skystar
  • Technical Name:Dinotefuran 15% + Pymetrozine 45% WG
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    Label   Leaflet

  • Mode of Action

    SKYSTAR works through contact, ingestion, and systemic action. SKYSTAR acts on hoppers nervous system and paralyses hind legs, mouth and restricts movement and egg laying

  • Special Features

    • 5 Gear Technology -
      1. Gear-1: Paralyses Pest
      2. Gear-2: Stop feeding
      3. Gear-3: Stop Movement
      4. Gear-4: Pest Fall off
      5. Gear-5: Stop Resurgence
    • Early & Longer protection - It gives very good early and longer protection
    • Crop Resilience - It gives very good greening effect on crop
  • SKUs

    66.6g, 133.2g, 333g, 666g, 1332g

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.

  • Label Claim Recommendation

    Crop Pest Formulation (g/ha) Dilution in water (L/ha)
    Rice Brown Plant Hopper (Nilaparvata lugens), White Backed Plant Hopper (Sogatella furcifera), Green Leaf Hopper (Nephotettix virescens), Rice Earhead Bug (Leptocorisa acuta) 333 500


    Skystar to applied at ETL level of BPH, which is 5 to 10 BPH per Hill