Baan Gold

Baan Gold
  • Brand Name:Baan Gold
  • Technical Name:Tricyclazole 70 % WG
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  • Special Features

    • Ultimate & excellent: Control on all types of blast disease for a long duration.
    • Better Sticking Property   leads to high & Fast absorption by rice leaves & prevents wash off by rain.
    • Free flowing dustless granules which are easy to pour while preparing solution
    • Easy to mix while making solution & has high suspensibility
    • Easy to Spray due to less foam formation while spraying
    • Comparatively safe to the user while handling & to the environment
    • Higher yield & good quality grains
  • Mode of Action

    Baan Gold is a specialty systemic fungicide. It is a protectant fungicide that prevents the fungus from penetrating the plant.

  • Available Packs

    120 g

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.

  • Label Claim Recommendation

    Crop Disease Name Formulation gm /ha Water / ha (lts)
    Paddy Blast (Leaf & Neck) 300 500