• Brand Name:Sprint
  • Technical Name:Mancozeb 50% + Carbendazim 25% WP
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  • Special Features

    • Broad spectrum, contact and systemic mixture fungicide, with protective and curative action. Control diseases very effectively with broad spectrum activity.
    • Wide use – Used as seed treatment, nursery/soil drenching, fruit/rhizome/tuber dip and foliar sprays.
    • Provides nutrition of Mn and Zn to crops, there by correcting the deficiencies of these micronutrients.
  • Mode of Action

    Acts by inhibiting the development of fungal germ tube, formation of appressoria and growth of mycelia.

  • Available SKU

    25 G, 50 G, 100 G, 250 G & 500 G & 1 KG

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.

  • Label Claim Recommendation

    Crop Pest Dose per 10Kg seed Water ( L )
    Groundnut Collar rot, Dry root rot, Tikka Leaf spot 30-35 0.1
    Potato Late blight, Black Scurf 6-7 2
    Paddy Brown Spot, Blast, Sheath Blight 30-35 0.1
    Wheat Loose smut 30-35 0.1
    Black Gram Root rot, Collar Rot 30 0.1
    Bengal Gram Dry root rot, Collar rot 30 0.1
    Soybean Root rot, Collar Rot 30 0.1
    Onion Damping Off 30 0.1
    Maize Seed rot, Seedling blight 30 0.1